Giovanni Russonello, The New York Times, September 2022, US

“The luxurious darkness of her alto might recall contemporaries like Cassandra Wilson […], but Amed is distinguished by her scholarly tack. “Unánime” is both a response and a kind of resistance to one question she’s often asked, about her relationship to the so-called Latin jazz tradition.”

Raul Da Gama, LatinJazzNet, October 2021, Canada

“[…] The dry, one word title Ontology is transformed in dramatic manner by the fourteen evocative songs in this repertoire. And in doing so Miss Amed emerges as an artist of the first order. Her voice is gloriously dark, generous, big and beautifully controlled, and impeccably throughout its phenomenal range. This lends itself perfectly to […]

Allen Morrison, JazzTimes, September 2021, US

“Amed’s own music can be meditative or fiery, often somber, sometimes incantatory. […] Her lyrics are lush with poetic evocations of the natural world, images of lovers and moonlight, and sometimes a hint of menace; they have a Spanish soulfulness, whether written in Spanish or English.”

César Pradines, Clarín, June 2021, Argentina

“Strong emotional commitment. Captivating expressiveness”[…]“An emotional performer without sentimentality; a singer who manages to modify the limits of jazz without losing contact with the vocal tradition of the genre.”

John Shand, The Sydney Morning Herald, June 2021, Australia

★★★★½“It is as though Amed and her brilliant band have just invented jazz, and put a unique slant on it that is partly exhilarating Latin flights and partly the hushed, interval-leaping options of contemporary art music. It is not just sophisticated musically, but emotionally, primarily speaking to us from the abyss of love and death; […]