Peter Quinn, Jazzwise, June 2021, UK

★★★★ Excellent • Editor’s Choice “One of the best jazz albums of 2021” “This seventh album from the Buenos Aires-born, US-based singer-songwriterRoxana Amed presents a supremely atmospheric collection of 14 songs.”

George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly, May 2021, US

“Argentine vocalist and composer Roxana Amed combines sounds and moods from Northern and Southern continents on this rich and flexible mix of originals and covers. […] She does wonders with Wayne Shorter’s “Virgo” catching the drift with Small’s soprano, while intimate and deft with Jago on “Blue In Green”. Her dreamy voice floats to Small’s […]

Matt Collar, All Music, May 2021, US

★★★★½“Listening to Ontology is a deeply textured, almost metaphysical experience as Amed deftly pulls together the distinct creative and cultural threads that make up the colorful weft of her artistic identity.”

Mel Minter, Musically Speaking, April 2021, US

“With a poetic turn of phrase, a seductive warmth, and a remarkable instrument and technique, Argentinian vocalist Roxana Amed combines elements of her native roots with the jazz and Latin influences she encountered on her move to Miami in 2013. Her singularly affecting album, Ontology, features stunning vocals, deft arrangements, and artists willing to take […]

Richard B. Kamins, Step Tempest, April 2021, US

“Her new album, “Ontology” (Sony Music Latin), should open the eyes and ears for many people. […] Ms. Amed mostly keeps her voice front and center; quite articulate in both Spanish and English as well as dramatic but she keeps her emotions under control. Nothing seems forced or rushed. […] There is so much music […]

Mariano del Mazo, Radar, Página 12, April 2021, Argentina

“Ontology emerges as an instance that further opens its quest to search. A search that, on the other hand, is perceived as insatiable. True thirst, it would be said. It is Amed’s eighth album and if something persists it is the risk, the abyss, the stone in the shoe, the antipodes of any comfort zone.”